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Steve Stern is honored to have served as a Suffolk County Legislator, and is proud of his record which includes many innovative “First in the Nation” and “First in New York State” legislative accomplishments. Keeping his promise to the hard-working families who call Long Island home, Steve has held the line on taxes, refused perks, and worked with his colleagues across party lines and across all levels of government to maintain essential services, protect our quality of life and preserve our environment for generations to come.

Steve is an Elder Law attorney representing seniors and people with special needs. Prior to his election, he assisted in coordinating Congressional hearings for the US House Select Committee on Aging, focusing on issues of elder abuse, long-term care and health and legal services for Long Island’s senior citizens. From his first day as a Legislator, Steve has continued that commitment, serving as the Chairman of the Veterans and Seniors Committee and sponsoring numerous initiatives to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

As a husband, father, and caregiver, Steve understands well the challenges our families face every day. Growing up on Long Island, Steve’s dad worked two jobs to provide for his family. His mom was one of the first women in his community to own a small business. Both instilled in Steve the ethic of hard work, responsibility, and commitment to community.

Steve lives in Dix Hills, with his wife, Meredith and their two children. He has worked hard so that all of our young people have every opportunity to succeed and reach their fullest potential. Like his dad did for him, Steve was a Little League coach for his sons, and has led initiatives to protect youth services, strengthen opportunity and ensure that Long Island remains a great place to live, work and raise our families.


Protecting our Co...

Stern is the co-sponsor of the most aggressive legislation in the nation to protect our children from violent sexual predators. As our Assemblyman, Stern will crack down on the violent MS-13 gang. Steve worked closely with law enforcement to secure critical funding and resources to bring down some of the most dangerous criminals in our neighborhoods.

Stern will advocate for commonsense gun safety laws, like stronger background checks and bans on assault rifles and high capacity magazines. And, he will combat the opioid epidemic plaguing our communities. Steve sponsored legislation
to proactively ban deadly synthetic opioids before they hit our streets.


Protecting our Ch...

Consistently committed to protecting the health and safety of our most vulnerable, Stern sponsored the “Toxin-Free Toddlers and Babies Act,” landmark “First in the Nation” legislation to prohibit the sale of baby bottles containing the hazardous chemical BPA.



As a Legislator Stern created the first “Silver Alert” system in New York, which assists in the safe return of our loved ones with Alzheimer’s and has now been expanded by the Suffolk County Police Department to include those with special needs, such as autism, developmental disabilities, and severe mental illness.


Protecting our En...

Stern authored successful legislation to preserve precious open space, strengthen penalties against illegal dumping and created the “Shed the Meds” pharmaceutical collection program to protect our environment, our drinking water, and our young people.



Steve Stern strongly believes that when a soldier goes off to protect the ground we stand on it is unacceptable that he or she should have to come home to sleep on it. He introduced and passed the “Housing Our Homeless Heroes Act,” critical legislation to end veteran’s homelessness and ensure that our veterans and their families have a place to call home. His legislative initiative has not only served as a model for other jurisdictions, but was also cited as an important factor in achieving an “effective end” to veteran’s homelessness on Long Island.

Stern is also the author of the “Protect Our Fallen Heroes Act” which protects military funerals from reprehensible and disrespectful protests upon families grieving the loss of their loved ones to ensure respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation.


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